Metal forming companies have long been asking for the ability to weld a seam as the product is being formed by a mill. Samco has developed a revolutionary in-line high frequency welder coordinated along side our rollformer which does not require a separate operation. 
Key Features:
• This system features a robust design double Uncoiler (10,000 lbs) with coil snubbers and feed up drive for threading and rewinding.
• The Universal Roll-former showcases a high quality design with shaft deflection and factory laser alignment of stands and shafts.
• The HiCarbon and HiChrome roll tooling set provides extended life.
• A flood coolant system allows for quality surfaces and reduced pick up of contaminants on the rolls.
• The in-line solid state high frequency welder with squeeze box includes a cooling trough and welding mechanicals for continuous welding.
• The system also features a hydraulic cut-off press system for continuous operation and higher production rates.