As many of you know we have been getting crushed with snow the last 30 days and most significantly in the last 14 days here in Boston. Many of us on the METALCON team have contemplated moving our offices to Tampa since the weather is right and well METALCON will be there in October. This news come out of a small town
that sits outside Boston called Rockland. Fortunately, no one was hurt as the weight of the snow crumbled the sheet metal shop. Read more below about the story and let’s be thankful no one was hurt.
ROCKLAND, Mass. (WHDH) Reported by Victoria WarrenA sheet metal shop crumpled in Rockland as the roof collapsed under snow Monday. A half-dozen people working inside ran for safety.
“Then he heard one of the exhaust fans come crashing down and we headed for the door,” said building owner Tommy Scolaro.
The owners said when they checked the building the other day, there was no way to know this could happen.
“Everything started bending and twisting and the building came down really slow. And everybody just ran for the doors and everybody got out okay,” said Frank Scolaro, owner of the building.
A similar scene unfolded in Bridgewater, where a metal roof caved at a storage bin in the back of an industrial plant.
The fire department said no one was inside and no one was hurt.
A roof also buckled under the weight of snow at a warehouse in Quincy, where police said it was used as a movie set last summer. No one was inside.
Back in Rockland, people in the neighboring building said they hoped the work they did to help lessen the load on the roofs would hold up.
“We just had it plowed off, believe it or not, Friday,” Scolaro said. “Maybe it’s time to build a white snowman and put up the white flag.”

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