In 2015, New Tech Machinery plans to release a line of videos through its YouTube channel that feature how to perform maintenance and operational steps on all their machines.  The award-winning rollforming manufacturer already features videos on their YouTube channel, as well as their website, which show things like how to changeover tooling on a 5/6” Combo MACH II gutter machine.  With the popularity of those videos, it makes sense to add more.
“In an effort to make our equipment even more user-friendly, we think these videos will help to show new machine owners how to complete operations on their machines,” said Marketing Manager Kristin Peregoy.
In January 2015, look for a tutorial video about changeover tooling for an SSQ roof panel machine.  “We want to stay as accessible as possible.  Clients can watch the videos if they have questions and they are also always welcome to call or email us,” said Peregoy.