RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 23, 2015 – VMZINC®-US, the international brand name of rolled zinc products manufactured and sold by the Building Products Unit of the Umicore group, has announced that it has released the newest issue of Archizinc Trophy magazine. A special edition of Focus on Zinc, an international architecture magazine from VMZINC®, the issue features the winners of the sixth VMZINC® Archizinc Trophy Awards. This year, the awards recognized 14 worldwide projects for their exceptional use of zinc products.
With more than 115 submissions from 20 countries worldwide, the awards unite and acknowledge a broad range of cultures, building types and architectural styles using zinc. All winning projects stood out because of their unique architectural styles, innovative use of zinc, functionality and environmental sustainability approach.
This special issue of Focus on Zinc is now available and can be ordered by contacting your local representative or emailing info@vmzinc-us.com. In addition, it can be viewed online and downloaded at http://bit.ly/1rYl4YJ.
The 6th edition Archizinc Trophy Award winners by category, project name, location and architect are as follows. Images of the projects are available upon request.
-Individual Housing Winner: Private House; Wondelgem, Ghent, Belgium – DDM Architectuur BvBa
-Individual Housing Special Mention: Private House; Roeselare, Belgium – Declerck-Daels Architecten
-Collective Housing Winner: The “Tchécoslovaquie” Building; Nantes, France – Nomade Architectes
-Collective Housing Special Mention: Le Carré en Seine; Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France – Pietri Architectes
-Collective Housing Special Mention: Den Travoo; Hoeilaart, Belgium – Bogdan & Van Broeck Architects
-Commercial Buildings Winner: Makro Food Wholesaler; Madrid, Spain – E. Bardají Y Asociados
-Commercial Buildings Special Mention: Greenland Clubhouse; Chongqing, China – Pure Architecture
-Commercial Buildings Special Mention: Health Center; Freiberg, Germany – Bürling Architekten
-Public Buildings Winner: University Library; Wuppertal, Germany – Schamp & Schmalöer
-Public Buildings Special Mention: Employment & Training Center; Rodez, France – Lacombe – Florinier
-Public Buildings Special Mention: Stonehenge Visitor Center; Amesbury, United Kingdom – Denton Corker Marshall LLP
-Sustainable Building Award Winner: Boisé Library; Montréal, Canada – Eric Pelletier – Cardinal Hardy/Labonté Marcil Architects Consortium
-Internet Users Award Winner: Private House; Isla Colunga, Spain – Ferrao y Rey Arquitectos – Arquifyr S.L.P.
-Jury’s Special Award Winner: Civic and Cultural Center; Palencia, Spain – Ángel Sevillano Martin, José Maria Tabuyo Rodriguez (Exit Architects), Eduardo Delgado Orusco
“VMZINC® is proud to release this special issue of Focus on Zinc as a way to further honor the 14 recipients of this year’s Archizinc Trophy Awards,” said Daniel Nicely, managing director at VMZINC® -US and Umicore Building Products, USA Inc. “Each of the winning projects are very unique, and we are incredibly impressed with their innovative and forward-thinking use of our zinc products.”
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