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Demand was for curved standing seam with no striations or oil canning
MESQUITE, Texas (March 25, 2015) – Any good businessperson works hard to make the customer happy. David and Danielle Broyles of Superior Metal Roofing of Mesquite, Texas, willingly take on the toughest customers and meet any challenges presented to them. 
The first time Broyles agreed to install a curved standing seam metal roofing system was for a homeowner near Hot Springs, Ark., but it wasn’t your typical homeowner. The owner of this particular high-end home was an architect and he knew what he wanted.
“He wanted flat pans,” Broyles says. “No striations, no stiffening beads and no oil canning. That was a challenge because we had to really watch out clips and make sure we didn’t screw them down too tight. Installing metal roofing for homeowners is more challenging than installing for commercial buildings when it comes to how the roof is scrutinized. If you’ve got a roof 10 stories high, who’s going to see it? If you scratch a roof panel that’s 10 stories up, you know you should replace it and you will. If you scratch a roof panel on someone’s home, you replace it without thinking about it. For our first curved roof, this was a pretty good one to tackle.”
Broyles owned an SSH Multi Pro roof panel roll former from New Tech Machinery, so manufacturing panels onsite wasn’t going to be an issue. Superior Metal Roofing didn’t have curving capabilities so Broyles had to hire a company with a curving machine. The curving machine was onsite for one day, curving all the panels necessary to complete the 7,000 square foot job.
Superior Metal Products purchases coil from Sheffield Metals International, a distributor of coated and bare metal products, headquartered in Sheffield Village, Ohio, with a location in Mansfield, Texas. For this project, Broyles and his crew would be producing 16-inch wide 1-1/2-inch mechanical lock standing seam panels in Dark Bronze. The longest panels were 40 feet long, so a lot of room was required for curving and staging.
Broyles said his crew of five was on hand to help curve panels and stack them in preparation for installation. First, they had to make sure panels were being curved to the correct radius. “We curved the first panel and ran it up on the roof, but it wasn’t curved enough,” Broyles says. “We curved it a little more and got closer. After about four or five trips up to the roof, we got it right and then we could curve the rest of the panels.”
The Superior Metal Products crew started installing the curved panels from the outside toward the tower at the back of the house. Although it’s tough to see from the photos, the tower is actually the third story on the house built on a hill, so there is very little room behind the house to move around, let alone work.
“We got a lift back there to work off of, but it was a little hairy at times,” Broyles says. “I worked with the guys on that tower, installing the straight panels. We were happy to get that part done.”
All in all, the project took about 10 days to complete. Broyles says the homeowner/architect is “tickled to death” with his new roof.
Broyles, who also owns a New Tech Machinery SSQ Multi Pro roof panel machine, got a chance to show off some of his work, including this residential project, to the folks at New Tech Machinery in the fall of 2014. The roll former manufacturer hosted an Open House the day before METALCON in Denver.
“We went to their Open House and visited with the guys from New Tech and some other suppliers that were there,” Broyles says. “We attend METALCON regularly and visit our suppliers. I also like to see the latest trends and if there are new tools out there that will make my guys a little better or efficient.”
Among the other suppliers Broyles visits at METALCON are Sheffield Metals and Classic Metal Roofing Systems.
“That was the first time a METALCON sponsor, took advantage of having its plant in the backyard of our show to host an event in conjunction with the show,” said Claire Kilcoyne, the METALCON Show Producer. “New Tech Machinery had a great show and it had a lot to do with their marketing plan, hosting an Open House and sponsoring an event at the show.
“We’ve been open to partnering with other exhibitors and hope we can pull something together for the show in Tampa, Fla., this year.”
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