This is a continuous automotive door panel line and parts containing different web lengths can be formed in the same rollformer with minimal operator adjustment. Coil material is loaded onto the uncoiler,fed into a flattener after edge trimming, cut to desired length and fed into the rollformer. The formed coil strip exits in a run-out conveyor.

Key Features include:
10000 lb Single Ended Uncoiler with Feed up Drive and Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion
Edge Trimmer with two trimmer blades and filler spacers driven by Flattener Drive
Two Scrap Choppers placed left and right to pick up the scrap
Cut to length Shear Cut Off Pressis able to cut up to 52” strip width
Pick and Place Operation allows blanks to be stacked and collected prior to entering the roll former.
10’ Run Out Conveyor runs the finished products to buffer or stacking station