Let’s face it we all have a hard time motivating ourselves at time, and in many cases all it comes down to is changing certain behaviors. Those behaviors bring all of us down, and fearing those outcomes can impact our lives. This video talks about some of these ideas that I am discussing here. Listen carefully because there are excellent points in the video, I specifically believe that we as humans have the ability to overcome anything.
Focusing on yourself and the behaviors you need to change are a start. Secondly, think about the criticism you may receive, that hurts I know. Consider that it really isn’t the other people  you should be worried about, but more so the internal critic. We are our own hardest critics right? Sometimes we even make calculated criticism before we even perform that action, because we internalize it without performing it.
Look at yourself and decide where you want to be, what you want to do, and overcome the internal objections your own critique creates. Start today and watch yourself progress to levels of accomplishment you may not have ever dreamed possible. Here are your steps, but use it as a journey map. Remember your own toughest critic is you and you have the ability to imagine the impossible.
1. Focus – on yourself and what you can improve upon
2. Change your behaviors – identify the things you want to change in your life, specifically those that are holding you back from achieving your goals.
3. Criticism – Remove the critics, especially your own critic from the equation – be aggressive and determined.
4. Goals – Set short-term goals and measure what you’ve accomplished
5. Celebrate – Accomplish and celebrate where you’ve gotten but remember being your best is harder to maintain than chasing to be the best.

Today is the day, start now!