A few weeks ago we made this bold statement regarding the metal construction industry and we were surprised not to receive many comments or feedback. Well, we published one comment and today we will publish another one. This one comes 
from an industry veteran and someone who truly does care about the industry. My answer is yes I definitely wanted a response of this nature, so let me know what you think after reading his comments.
Response: This is the most ridiculous post and statement I have ever seen in my life. (Is that what you wanted to hear — I hope so!) I would challenge anyone to find any area of the building envelope that has consistently been more innovative and better at pushing the envelope than metal has been over the last 30 years, and continuing today! It doesn’t take one to look very far to see metal leading the way in so many areas including but not limited to:
1) Research and development of assemblies that make the building envelope more energy efficient, more conducive to healthy buildings, and longer lasting.
2) Development of coatings and finishes that are longer lasting and also more decorative and beautiful.
3) Continued industry-leading efforts at educating our many publics and developing our many markets.
4) Development of fabrication methods that are more efficient and lasting.
5) Partnering with the design community to create buildings are are absolutely stunning in their creative beauty.
6) Development of metals and alloys that offer greater flexibility to our industry’s products.
The fact is, our industry is so very broad that sometimes we don’t see the trees for the forest! One trip to Metalcon which, for most folks becomes a repeated event, will prove to anyone that the metal construction industry is innovative, creative, and changing. All for the betterment of how we construct our buildings.

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