Let’s start with the idea that this is solely my opinion no one else’s but I wanted to directly talk to the roofers who install shingle roofs. A few questions for you to consider before we start this debate, well it really isn’t one considering everything I am about to say is right. Remember I only argue when I know I am going to right. So here are a few questions for you to ponder Mr. Shingle Roofer, or Mr. Shingle Installer, which do you prefer to be called?  
1. Do you care about the environment? A typical 3000 square foot shingle roof weighs approximately 8100 pounds. Now let’s talk about that sticky substance called black crude oil, we are talking about 300 pounds of that as well which is soaked into its fiberglass mat and covered with some stones. By the time this room is 15-25 years old it will be need to be torn off and replaced with another layer. Sounds gross right? A metal roof weighs only half as much and its environmental impact is half as much as well in terms of fossil fuels used. You’ll also want to consider that new steel is made from 50-100% of recycled steel today. It is important to note that this steel is also fully recyclable which gives it a considerable amount of life span versus that awful shingle.
2. What has durability?  – Metal roofs are more resistant to fire, snow, hail, wind, rain, and other natural occurrences. Also, consider that home owners will typically get a discount on their annual insurance premiums if they have a metal roof instead of that asphalt, shingle disgusting roof. Metal roofs last forever which further enhance the structures value.
3. Do you want to make more money and expand your business? Now you are a shingle roofer who installs a typical shingle roof for about $4,000 and you argue that a metal roof costs $13,000 of the same standard to install, well you didn’t know that I just told you that. The installed cost for a metal roof versus a shingle roof is about 25% higher and it shouldn’t deter you. One thing you are doing is your providing the customer with the best product and service on the market. How happy will that customer be knowing they don’t need to replace their roof ever again? Or better yet how happy will that customer be knowing you just increased the value of their structure with the metal roof? Lastly, you’ve also reduced some heating/cooling costs with the metal roof. WIN! WIN! WIN!
So the moral of the story here is that if you are a shingle roofing contractor that has not branched out to learn how to install a metal roof then the time is now. You can increase your revenue numbers, increase the offerings your firm has, provide customers with another option, and take over your roofing market by providing the service.
One more thing my shingle roofers do not be afraid to learn something new, you had to learn the shingle installation procedure before, why not provide your community with a better product? If you are interested, well here is one piece of advice I can give you; attend METALCON 2015 in Tampa October 14-16th, 2015. You’ll meet all the manufacturers and be able to network with industry experts. I’m not kidding when I say you’ll make more money, invest in your future and be at METALCON this year. You can pre-register by clicking here.

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