Cliff Klevans owner of Rain Gutter Depot in Texas knew that there was always something missing in his market until he found GutterArt. 
In Dallas, Klevans says there are very few suppliers of gutter materials so there is definitely a need within the market.  The suppliers who are present cater more to commercial services and GutterArt is a consumer product which helps him reach that segment of the market.
Klevans found GutterArt through an online search and loved the patterns.  He contacted New Tech Machinery and spoke with Sales rep. Scott Pierce about the product.  Klevans purchased GutterArt in both “Aztec” and “Ashley” because he knew it would be a popular product and it would help sell more jobs if he were to offer it to people.  He then pitched the idea of GutterArt to the Texas locations he worked with and they loved it.
Klevans says most homeowners love GutterArt and are excited to put it on their home.  “From my experience here (in Texas) everybody loves it,” Klevans said.  That wasn’t always the case though.  Klevans said that it took a little while for GutterArt to gain popularity in the market but now he says it is installed multiple times per week.
gutterart close up
Ashley pattern is the most popular but the Aztec pattern is still installed about 30% of the time.  Klevans is anticipating more designs of GutterArt, which New Tech Machinery will launch later in 2015.  “I want to be able to offer more patterns to my customers,” he says of the new designs.  To show potential clients the patterns he created a carrying display that contractors can take with them to the jobsite.
When the product is installed, homeowners are happy with the final look.  “Anything glossy helps it (the pattern) stand out,” Klevans said when asked what material people often pick for their gutters.  He says the Copper Metallic and, “rustic copper looks really amazing.”
When asked if Klevans would put the product on his own house he said, “Absolutely.  I’ll be redoing my roof soon and I’ll be putting GutterArt on my house then.”