We’ve really struggled with what to post on this particular day of the week and decided that with all our new followers maybe it would be good to post some older blog content that some may have missed out on. Let us know if you prefer photos on this day, posts, or a mix of both. With that being said 
today we go back to April 23, 2014 to one of our early posts to examine whether or not some of the questions have been answered see below:
April 23, 2014 – The infographic from has some interesting facts but is using steel really better? We’ve all read and heard the MCA (Metal Construction Association) position on metal and how it is economical, sustainable, versatile, diverse and can fit into new orretrofit projects.
I’ve heard other metal roof companies talk about energy star ratings, the long life, maintenance free, and prestigious look metal brings to a home. How can these companies guarantee these structures or roofs or whatever else is being built with metal? Are they monitoring these roofs with high end wireless sensors that transmit data to a remote location? Probably not right?
I need better evidence to support these statements made by the manufacturers, design and build professionals, architects, and installing contractors. Show me how you can guarantee everything you say, because I still don’t believe it.