The 2015 MCA METALCON Metal Roofing Championship Games this year has been expanded from its debut in Denver last year.  One additional game has been added and there will now be 3 competing individuals or teams of 2 people for each of the 5 games.  In addition, the games will be held on each of the 3 days during Exhibit hall hours.  Each of the Challenges has a $100 Prize to the Winning or Winning team.  The game line up is as follows:
Triangle Fastener’s Screw Gun Challenge (3 individual competitors)
Roof Hugger’s Retrofit Challenge (3 competing teams)
New Tech Machinery’s Standing Seam Install with DI Roof Seamers Panel Seaming Challenge (3 competing teams)
The S-5 Snow Retention System Install Challenge (3 competing teams)
Triangle Fastener’s “JJ’s Give it a Boot” Challenge (3 individual competitors)
We are also proud to announce this year that the local Florida chapter of the Metal Building Erectors and Contractors Association (MBCEA) will be judging the competition.  Registration to compete this year will be done at the Games Booth #109 during exhibit hours daily. Just stop by the booth and sign up.  Prior to the start of each game, the game sponsor will draw names from those that have registered.  Please note that each competitor must sign a waiver of liability prior to competing. Stay tuned for the schedule of Game start times.
To be a part of the competition you will need to REGISTER HERE and attend METALCON, by the way you’ll get in FREE with this link.