Needham, Mass., is sporting a new public safety building with the help of metal wall panels from ATAS International Inc., Allentown, Pa. This city office and administration building—designed by Winter Street Architects Inc., Salem, Mass.—features Versa-Lok (VSL166), Metafor (MFP120) and CastleTop (HCT160) profiles from ATAS. 
The 0.032-inch aluminum Versa-Lok profile has a Champagne finish. Versa-Lok, a recently released product, is a flat shingle-style wall panel that creates classic rectangular shapes with its versatile mix-and-match sizes. Metafor, 0.032-inch aluminum in Antique Patina, is a structural panel with a ribbed appearance and a concealed fastener system. Lastly, the 0.032-inch aluminum CastleTop has a Coppertone finish. This product is a diamond-shaped flat metal tile that has a concealed fastener system. All of these products were installed by Weston Architectural Products, North Oxford, Mass., and distributed by Beacon Sales, Worcester, Mass.
“What Winter Street Architects has done with the ATAS panels is remarkable,” said Jim Bush, vice president of sales for ATAS. “The firm took the uniqueness and strength of each profile and created an overall playful design that changes at each building angle.”
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The panels were selected in part because of their contributions to the sustainability of the building. Winter Street Architects incorporated green materials to save energy and water. The building has a geothermal heat pump, sun controls at larger windows, light-colored roof and wellinsulated building envelope. Stormwater management of the site also was included.