So, yes you may be asking yourself what has gotten into the people at METALCON to even make such a comparison. You have to hear us out on this topic though because it makes perfect sense

as to why I am making the comparison. Your handheld has your email, camera, phone, video, web, and much more functionality all in one correct? Exactly, I knew you would answer that way, unless of course you are still using your Motorola Razor flip phone. Since your phone has all those traits you have more functionality, efficiency, and quite frankly you don’t need to carry all different types of electronics to serve each desired purpose. I forgot one thing also, music! Yes, music for when you are on the job. So imagine having to carry your walkman (can’t believe I just used that classic Sony word), laptop, camera, phone, and a video camera to a job site or on vacation. Well, you wouldn’t want to of course. So this is precisely why I am comparing it to a metal roof. Metal roofs, traditional solar roofs, and solar metal roofs are what I’m truly discussing here.
Why on earth would I get a metal roof or a traditional solar roof when I can have the solar metal roof? Can anyone answer that for me? The solar metal roof just seems to be more practical. It also isn’t bad looking at all. So this brings me to another question why aren’t more manufacturers and installers moving towards the solar metal roof market in droves? If practicality, efficiency, and functionality is what they say it is then it’s time more companies went that way. It truly is the survival of the strongest in metal roofs in this case.