Usually fire damage to a machine is devastating enough for said equipment to never function again, but one particular New Tech Machinery gutter machine offers a surprising twist. 
The MACH II 5/6” combo configuration K-style gutter machine was shipped to its original owner in May 2009 and recently, the owners at GM Seamless Gutter located in Denver, Colorado bought it used and fire-damaged at an auction.  They brought the machine to New Tech Machinery as it was not functional. While the cause of the fire isn’t known, the NTM gutter technicians estimate it may have been a faulty generator with a fuel leak. newtech1
Experienced Gutter Technician Chuck Burch of NTM assessed the damage and told GM Seamless Gutters what needed to be done. Not sure if the machine would run again, Burch was instructed to do the bare minimum of repairs which excluded replacing the covers. The main concern for Burch and the other NTM gutter technicians was to fix the wiring which had been burnt in the machine to prevent another fire or other major safety hazard.newtech3
Burch pointed out that the machine was on fire long enough to melt the guide bars and the paint also melted off of the covers but surprisingly little damage was done to the polyurethane drive rollers.  Also, the fire caused no signs of significant damage to the frame.
With just 5 hours of work at the Denver warehouse of NTM the burnt MACH II gutter machine, affectionately known as “crispy critter” by Burch, is functional and running gutter again.  New Tech Machinery is officially a hot commodity!