I’ve been thinking recently about new products or ideas that the metal construction industry could use or maybe they already have them and I just haven’t encountered it. So lately the thought of 
steel blocks, bricks, or pavers has crossed my mind. I guess it is a little nostalgic for me because in my younger years I helped my father and a family business on particular job sites. The masonry business always intrigued me maybe because I did a bit of work in it or maybe again I am feeling nostalgic, so this week I thought well why don’t we have pavers, bricks, or blocks made of metal? Maybe we do and I am just not aware of it. I do realize there are some consequences to such a product including wet and slippery during rain and snow or even too hot during the summer due to the sun’s reflection. Living in the northeast I can tell you I see people sometimes throwing salt all over their paver walkways or concrete steps and months later you see that the salt has eaten through the beautiful craftsmanship. I do also realize that it is quite possible that one of the larger chemical companies, looking at you 3M, could make a thin-film that could be applied to these materials to prevent the hazards I discussed before.
I can imagine a nice walkway to the pool made of metal pavers that shine on sunny summer days, what a treat. Let me know if you’ve had any genius ideas like the one I just thought of! If someone has already developed such a product please point me towards them, I would love to learn more about it. I know I would be installing a yellow metal brick road at my house, how about you? I know my idea is a thing of beauty and you can’t change anything about that, because my walkway would lead directly to the Wizard of Oz.