I happen to stumble across another blog today called “Super Savin Momma” and it immediately caught my attention for a few reasons. One it talks about the metal construction industry
secondly, the writer of the blog is a stay at home mom. What makes it interesting is seeing the perspective she gives on metal construction and how she presents it. She makes it easy for her audience (assuming stay at home moms) to follow and understand the content. Take a read of the article by clicking here and if you have any disagreements with the facts presented let us know. It is however extremely comforting to hear something explained so easily, I think sometimes some of you make it to complicated for others to understand. I could be wrong but if the industry spoke in easier terms then quite possibly we may have more awareness and more people contributing ideas to metal construction.
This has me thinking I need to have a metal barn built and then inside of it I can build a luxurious palace for myself.