This post is about a year old and I wanted to revisit it to see if we have reached any of these hot or not items yet. Any thoughts from the readership on this would be great? We will certainly discuss these items at a later date, but let’s reflect on this writing to see where we have gone.
This morning I ran into a great article that was written by Amanda Jones Hoyle, Staff Writer, of the Triangle Business Journal. The article is based on a report released by FMI Capital Advisors located in Raleighwhich is an investment banking firm that specifically looks at engineering and construction companies. The report covers some very favorable data points for the construction industry over the next 5 years. To read the full article check it out by clicking here.
Interestingly enough the weakest growth opportunities are tied to projects that require government spending. Conservation and development, street and highways are examples of the projects that use government spending. All the other markets show potential for growth. The question is are you looking at those opportunities and preparing yourself for when those fall in your lap?