The information below comes from Retrofit Magazine regarding the MCA’s promotion to new members. We believe MCA needs more members to help push innovation in order for the industry to continue to evolve. With evolution, and innovation more products, services, and knowledge will help the industry. One more thing the article fails to mention is if you are an MCA member you will also receive premium pricing on show floor space at METALCON. If you are a member you’ll have the benefit of being at METALCON, which is sponsored by the Metal Construction Association, and have the ability to meet decision making buyers from the metal construction industry…..what’s there not to like about that extra benefit? 
Written By  – The Metal Construction Association (MCA) announces that new members qualify to receive 50 percent off their first year’s dues if they sign up in 2015. MCA also revised its dues schedule in 2015, resulting in drastically lower dues for many member companies. MCA membership is now more affordable than ever, while providing the same valuable benefits it always has.
MCA member companies benefit from participation in association activities that focus on research, codes and standards, market development, and technical programs. The association works to increase the use of metal materials in construction through the education of the building and design communities about the benefits of metal. And, MCA members have access to an extensive network of leaders in the metal construction industry.
MCA members represent a broad scope of companies including metal roof, wall panel and coatings manufacturers, coil coaters and metal producers, distributors, equipment and accessories manufacturers, energy insulation system manufacturers and MCM fabricators. Membership information kits for each industry segment are available on the MCA website.
The association is also offering non-members the opportunity to attend a MCA meeting, at a special rate, to experience firsthand the value of membership. The event includes council and committee sessions to discuss projects and issues relevant to the industry, as well as socializing and networking.
MCA membership also provides valuable resources, such as a members-only web portal that includes exclusive news and events, statistical reports, market share and specification data, research studies, webinars, codes and standards, a member directory, council and committee reports, and more.