We are going to be giving away a full registration pass to METALCON periodically via twitter all the way up until the show. That’s right a full access pass to all the educational options, the 25th anniversary party and most importantly the show floor. The first giveaway starts today and ends on Friday, August 14, 2015.  So how do you win? 
These rules are relatively easy, so everyone will have a chance to win. See below:
1. Must follow METALCON on twitter @metalcon and follow the METALCON BLOG
2. Extra consideration if you follow METALCON on facebook 
3. You must take a photo of yourself at a project or a structure using metal construction and use the hashtag #METALCON15 and also tag @metalcon in the picture as well (extra consideration for those that actually have the hashtag in the picture, for example, a poster board with #METALCON15)
4. Best submissions will then win, simple right!!