It’s Wednesday and I sense many of you need some motivation so that you don’t completely check-out. We know it can be tough to get back to work after a nice long holiday weekend. As we have said in the past registering 
for METALCON in Tampa early is never a bad thing. We are proposing that you stop procrastinating and register for METALCON here (use the promo code BLOG15).  All kidding aside do yourself a favor and do it today so that when you leave work today you have a sense of accomplishment. Trust us you’ll feel better once you’ve done it. Remember while you register you can send invitations to friends, colleagues, and other industry professionals. If you register today you can go home and have that nice glass of wine, beer, or favorite soda drink. If you wait and procrastinate it will be just another thing you add to the list for next week. So if you aren’t feeling motivated watch the video below and we are sure you’ll move to register today.