Today on my way to work I happened to be reading the news on my phone as I always do and ran into an interesting article on construction being done right here in Boston on the Longfellow Bridge,
For those that don’t know this is one of the bridges that links Boston to Cambridge. In particular the Longfellow links Kendall Square in Cambridge with Beacon Hill/MGH area of Boston.  The bridge is iconic in many ways to both cities. It’s been about a year since this bridge has been closed for construction and restoration. The first few months I will admit traffic was a nightmare because of the closure but it looks like everyone has gotten used to it at this point.
Anyhow, many of the people associated with the project have had to go back and read old bridge building manuals, revived old metalworking techniques and try and locate obsolete materials for the project. How about this for all of you metal construction professionals, riveting metal? Does anyone still do that? Well take a look at the article you will enjoy it, click here.