Below is a sampling of the topics and companies who’ll provide the experts to discuss them in the two Learning Zones at METALCON. 
Learning Zone 1
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Learning Zone 2
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ATAS – #1 – Flashing Finesse – Dormer to main roof intersection: Learn how to properly flash the various intersecting planes of a dormer in the main field of a roof with a standing seam metal roof panel.
ATAS – #2 – Flashing Finesse – Square penetrations: Learn how to properly flash square penetrations with a vertical seam metal roof system. Square penetrations could be skylights, chimneys or other large penetrations through the roof.
McElroy Metal – Utilizing easy to install symmetrical standing seam systems, McElroy Metal will discuss its patented recover solutions for skylights, R Panel, trapezoidal panels and asphalt shingles. These recover systems save building owners time and money, so adding installation capability to a roofing contractor’s offering can be a great source for additional jobs and increased revenue. Stop by to learn how these innovative recover solutions can grow your business!
Silvercote – Metal Building Insulation Silvercote’s MBI session will focus on the benefits, advantages, and capabilities of laminated fiberglass insulation. Metal Building Insulation is a key building component often overlooked during the initial building design process. However, the inclusion of superior laminated insulation during the design phase of your metal building can save time and offer a cost-effective way to improve thermal and acoustical performance.
Silvercote – Energy Saver Double Wall System Silvercote demonstrates a new way to save on energy costs using its Energy Saver Double Wall System. Once again, Silvercote is on the cutting edge of energy efficiency for the commercial building owners looking to become code compliant without the expenditure requirements of insulated wall panels. Silvercote has added another layer of fiberglass that is laminated with a layer of perforated reflective material. Whether your building girts are 8” or 10”…Silvercote has you covered.
Silvercote – IQWeb Silvercote will explain IQWeb, its custom online insulation quoting/estimating tool that generates guaranteed quotes with speed, ease and accuracy. It is available 24/7 so you can quote projects at your convenience. Second after you enter the dimensions and thermal requirements, IQWeb produces a price proposal, a sketch of the building and a material cut list, and a confirmation of the local energy code, so there is no confusion about what you need to order. IQWeb saves you valuable time and resources when quoting your projects.
Valspar – Coating 101 – What is a coating? Check out this quick overview on all that goes into coatings for metal building materials, the application process and much more.
Worthington Industries – Scrap Metal and Managing Your Second Largest Revenue Stream: In this presentation Thom Romer, Manager of Scrap and Secondary Products for Worthington Industries will give an overview of an effective scrap management program and how to control every pound of scrap that leaves a generating facility. His focus will be on price negotiation, setting up controls of the process, scrap market outlook, and how scrap flows from a generating facility to a mill. The talk will also cover Worthington’s experience with scrap metal, and how it manages scrap for its customers and other scrap generating facilities.