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September 1, 2015 – by Steveu – ECHOtape – Even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. In order to keep an accident from turning into a full-blown disaster, it’s best to have the right tool on hand. Nothing provides more bang for its buck than tape.  There isn’t one tape that can solve every problem but its advantages make it a worthwhile addition to every toolbox.
Here are the top five benefits of tape:
• versatility: Can be used to bond a variety of surfaces and for a number of applications.
• flexibility: Need to work in a tight space? Nothing accommodates unusual or hard-to-reach spaces like tape.
• portability: A roll of tape is lightweight and relatively compact which makes it easy to carry around in your toolbox.
• low cost: Inexpensive compared to other sealants.
• ease of use: There’s no preparation, no special tools needed, no mess (unlike glue), and minimal skill required to work with tape.
Take a look at these 10 common emergency repairs that you can complete and the tape that would work best.
• repairing leaks in pipes: All Leak Repair Tape
• sealing tears in insulation: All Weather Repair Tape
• mending vapor barrier rips: All Weather Repair Tape
• fixing tears or gaps in polyethlyene house wraps: Single Coated Polyethylene Tape
• making inconspicuous repairs to foil-backed foam sheathing boards: All Purpose Aluminum Foil Tape
• repairing and patching metal gutters: All Leak Repair Tape
• vapor sealing reinforced fiberglass: Single Coated Polyethylene Tape
• repairing HVAC ducts foil insulation: All Purpose Aluminum Foil Tape
• repairing refrigeration hoses: All Weather Repair Tape
• sealing gaps in plywood seams: All Weather Repair Tape