What is the Scrap Management Program? – Designed to increase the scrap revenue stream you receive through the use of our experience and knowledge of the scrap market
1. Documented processes and procedure
2. Defining expectations with scrap vendors
3. Accountability through verification
How does the program work? 
The first step is to have a conference call to discuss the program. Once completed, determination will be made by all parties involved regarding whether an in-person audit is necessary.
The second step is to conduct an in-person audit and explore the current process and procedures that are in place. This audit will be completed on site and led by our Corporate Scrap Team. The results of the audit will allow our group to identify the current gaps that need addressed, and ultimately translated into a grade of pass or fail
Our team will take the information that has been learned from the audit and subsequent meeting to create a workable and viable program. This proposal will be completed for your company to review.
What are the benefits of using this program?
1. Increase the revenue from the scrap that is being created in your facility
2. Decrease the amount of time that your employees are currently spending negotiating and managing your scrap program
3. Source of market information including alerts on increasing or decreasing pricing environments
4. Secondary and excess steel potential.
For more information:
Contact:   Thom Romer
Manager – Scrap & Secondary Products