Allentown, PA – ATAS International, a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, wall and ceiling panels, celebrated “Marching Forth” on March Fourth, with their inaugural Personal Development Day. It is a day on which employees can declare their goals, and begin work toward achieving them by “Marching Forth”. The goals can be for either personal or professional improvement. S.M.A.R.T. goal setting methods were reviewed with the employees, to increase the success of reaching objectives.
Those who chose to participate shared their goals with others, and they will be visible throughout the company until March Fourth of next year. Quarterly review of progress will assist people in keeping on track. On March Fourth of 2017, two winners will be selected by a group of judges. There will be one winner for a personal goal achievement and one for a professional goal. The winners will have their names displayed on the prestigious “Wooden Shoe Award” (paying tribute to the company founders’ Dutch heritage), which will remain on display at ATAS throughout the year.
Jim Bus, ATAS’ Executive Vice President stated, “We believe this will be a fun and inspiring activity for all. Everyone has aspirations of improving their life, and this is a creative and engaging means to doing so.”
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About ATAS International, Inc.
Founded in 1963, ATAS International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, wall and ceiling panels, produces systems for commercial and residential buildings. The ATAS product line offers more than 20 profiles available in aluminum, steel, zinc and copper. These profiles include: standing and batten seams; corrugated; curved; tapered; shingles; tiles; shakes; and narrow or wide ribbed panels with hidden or exposed fasteners. The Gaten Series of perforated metal wall panels is now offered. Rainware and perimeter edge trim are also available with the same finish to match or accent a roofing or wall system. ATAS offers sustainable building envelope technology, such as cool roofing products that are ENERGY STAR® qualified; InSpire, the transpired solar collector, which utilizes precision perforated metal panels to preheat ventilation air via solar energy; and Isoleren, the new insulated metal panels for roofs and walls.
Profiles are coated with a Kynar 500® PVDF or Hylar 5000® PVDF finish in over 30 standard colors. ATAS has four manufacturing facilities in the United States: two facilities, including the headquarters, in Allentown, PA; one in Maryville, TN; and one in Mesa, AZ. All ATAS locations are certified to ISO 9001:2008 with design. For more information on ATAS International, call 800-468-1441 or visit