working_in_difficult_areas-1Get up to speed on current trends, learn tips on how to keep yourself healthy at work or what it takes to construct artificial reefs, and even travel too difficult work sites around the world. All of these topics and more are covered by PSMJ Radio, our just released bi-weekly podcast. 

What is a Podcast? Just in case you don’t already know, a podcast is a radio-style talk show that is pre-recorded, and then made available for download online so listeners can tune in at a time and place that is convenient. The specific topics each episode covers are entirely up to the individuals producing the podcast. Any topic is open for discussion during a podcast.

Why a Podcast? The increased reach and upward trend line of podcast consumption is evident in every available measure – the percentage of Americans who are listening to podcasts, the level of public awareness, and how many podcasts are being hosted and downloaded.

In fact, Pew Research Center data show that the podcasting has been steadily growing its audience over the past few years. The rapid growth in use of smartphones and mobile devices in addition to the increased ease of in-car listening have contributed to the uptick of interest in podcasts.

What is PSMJ Radio? The PSMJ Radio Official Podcast brings insight from unexpected and untraditional places, all with the intent of helping listeners become both more informed and inspired. PSMJ is the world’s leading authority, publisher, and consultant on the effective management of A/E/C firms. PSMJ Radio hopes to enlighten A/E/C professionals with new information not typically found at traditional seminars or publications.

Have an idea for a thought-provoking topic for a future podcast? Do you have an interesting experience you’d like to share? Consider being a featured guest on PSMJ Radio!  

Why be featured on PSMJ Radio? PSMJ’s credibility and visibility in the A/E/C space is unmatched. Every year, thousands of architecture and engineering firm leaders and practitioners look to us to make their business and themselves more successful. All it takes is a little bit of your time. Where else can you get this kind of exposure for your organization without paying anything?

How it works: Recording an episode of PSMJ Radio could not be simpler. Everything is recorded over the phone so you never need to leave the comfort of your office. A list of questions/talking points will be determined ahead of time to insure a basic structure to each episode, but there is no formal script. The conversation is meant to be candid with a natural flow to it. If an interesting tangent comes up, don’t ignore it, explore it! Episode length is also entirely up to the guest. Don’t have a lot of time? No problem, we can keep the episode short (12-15 minutes). Have a lot that you want to discuss? Fantastic, we can record for 45 minutes to an hour if you like, or any time in between.

If you would like to learn more about the podcast, or if you would like to be featured on PSMJ Radio, please send all inquires to