We are jumping in our DeLorean today to go back in the future. We will begin revisiting some of the best posts over the last few years on Throwback Thursdays. Enjoy!
Last week I talked about why we do not have metal bricks or blocks and voila this morning I read a story about metal grids being put on hot asphalt that make it look like bricks were used. I find it really coincidental that a week ago 
I was talking about an idea and BOOM someone this very morning writes about a similar idea. Well, maybe it isn’t similar but it’s along the same lines. Take a look at that beautiful brick crosswalk above, and you may think that an expensive mason may have come in to do the work when in fact you are looking at asphalt. It does look like incredible craftsmanship for sure.
Apparently you can take regular asphalt, then heat it up and put a metal grid on it to make it appear like bricks were used for that walkway, driveway, or road. There are some huge benefits here in terms of cost, maintenance, and the attractiveness of what it may look like. So now when the wife tells you that she wants a beautiful cobblestone driveway you can go ahead and spend a fraction of the cost without her even being aware. It will also leave you some extra cash to install that home theater with surround sound you’ve always wished for. In fact you may have enough money left over to install some stadium seating as well. You may also want to think about how all these metal thefts are not the only thefts that happen in the construction industry, people also steal bricks. With the incorporation of this technology and method, thieves would not be able to steal those bricks. Anyhow, you can read about the idea that is being used quite a bit now by clicking here.