This is a continuous and high performance rollforming line designed to produce products for ‘Just-in-Time” production. This machine has the ability to perform at variable speeds up to 60 fpm depending on the punching pattern and part lengths. Very much a ‘hands-free’ machine, the entire process is automated from the moment coil leaves the uncoiler until it exits the cut-off.


Features include:

  • 10K Double Ended Uncoiler with hydraulic mandrel
  • Universal Bottom Driven Rollformer with side by side
    tooling for ‘Just-in-Time’ production
  • Auto Pre-Punch/Notch Press selection System with
    guiding system and AMS controller as required by
    ‘Just-in-Time’ production
  • Closed Loop Length Control Systems to maintain
    sufficient coil stock in the line
  • Stop and Go Cut-off Hydraulic Press mounted on
    rollformer base includes: 3 sets of cut-off dies with
    auto die change system
  • Sweep unit with adjustable sweep with roller
    straightener dedicated for specific profile(s).
  • Just two feet of prevailing scrap on both leading
    and trailing ends of coil.