We wanted to thank the many of you who have kept up with the blog since its creation two whole years ago. Much of the content was created internally and we’ve also used some of our partner’s content. We would also like to thank all exhibitors, industry insiders, and others who have submitted information to keep our blog moving. So with that being said here is a little reward for you our readers, wait for it, wait for it ….
Ok you ready. Starting today all blog readers can use the code BL2016 to receive a free exhibition hall pass to METALCON 2016 in Baltimore. Now if you follow @METALCON on twitter and retweet the hashtag #METALCON16 you may even also win a full conference pass. It will take you a whole second and a half to follow us and come up with a tweet with the hashtag #METALCON16. So there you have it, register now by clicking here, and then follow us on twitter by clicking here.