Heidtman Steel Products, Inc. and The Bradbury Co., Inc. are pleased to announce Heidtman Steel has purchased two 17-Roll Bradbury Auto-Selective™ Hydraulic Levelers. Each will be installed in Heidtman’s existing push/pull pickling lines in Butler, IN, and in Granite City, IL. Both will have the capability of levelling 0.250” down to 0.050” material thickness and feature state-of-the-art automation, including Bradbury’s Patented e•Drive® Technology. This technology exhibits significantly enhanced leveling capabilities from conventional levelers with its regenerative technology, focused tension, and penetration. Both Levelers will have the latest operator controls available from Bradbury and provide automated setup via Bradbury TSC™ HMI. The benefits of this system are enhanced leveling capability where the internal stresses are equalized. The Bradbury Patented e•Drive® Technology reduces energy waste which makes the e•Drive® eco-friendly as well as a low cost leveling system.
About Heidtman Steel Products, Inc. Known for expertise in high strength low alloy steels, Heidtman is capitalizing upon its reputation by being one of the first service centers to process and to market the next generation of steels. Heidtman presently operates nine direct or joint venture mill adjacent, steel processing facilities, primarily in the industrial Midwest, serving a wide array of clients in various steel consuming markets. For more information on Heidtman Steel, log on to www.heidtman.com
About the Bradbury Group Headquartered in Moundridge, KS, the companies of The Bradbury Group are leading manufacturers and worldwide suppliers of roll forming equipment and integrated systems designed for metal-forming and coil-processing applications in a wide range of industries. Bradbury’s product lines include: roll formers, precision roller levelers, cut-to-length lines, building trim equipment, coil processing production lines, and automated production systems. All are engineered to be the best and most durable performers among competing machines. Through acquisition and partnerships, Bradbury has brought together manufacturers of related product lines that also employ the latest technology and are built to provide unsurpassed value in their respective machine categories. To learn more about the Bradbury group of companies visit www.bradburygroup.com