Flat Trak CL series
Bradbury hydraulic leveling technology continues to lead the industry in innovation and ease of operation. The new Bradbury Flat Trak® CL monitoring system is accurate, intuitive, and easy to operate. Monitoring the material flatness is performed prior to the material being sheared which greatly reduces the amount of scrap material produced. 
Flat Trak CL series
The system incorporates a laser measurement system to acquire an accurate surface shape. The laser view of the material is shown in real time and displayed on the operator screen in the form of a three-dimensional topographical view. Material shape is measured in I-Units so verification of flatness is achieved per ASTM A568.
Watch a Video of the Flat Trak® CL Series in action
The software analyzes the surface of the material and offers a suggestion to correct it. Once selected by the operator, the e-Drive® leveler adjusts and the desired material flatness is achieved. Once the material is flat within the preset I-Unit specifications, the software continuously monitors the flatness in automatic mode and adjusts the leveler for correction when needed. Flat Trak® CL is on duty 24/7.