It was in 1997 – at the METALCON show – that Geoff Stone introduced the first Jorns folder to the American market. At the time, the MetalForming, Inc. founder was still operating his new company out of the basement at his home in Peachtree City, Georgia.
At that show, Stone got a sense of how hungry the architectural roofing market was for new solutions that would enhance productivity. MetalForming has been working to find, deliver and support those solutions ever since.
This year marks not just MetalForming’s 20-year anniversary as a company but also the 20th consecutive year the company has been part of METALCON.
“It’s the most important show we do every year,” said Stone. “It’s the best place in the world to showcase metal fabrication technology for the marketplace.”

This year’s show also coincides with another milestone for the company. Through its longstanding relationships with manufacturers Jorns, Schechtl, Schlebach and Krasser, MetalForming this month sold its 7,000th metal fabrication machine.
As Stone sees it, three key ingredients enabled MetalForming to become the largest supplier of architectural sheet metal machines in North America and the leader in every machine category in which it competes.

  1. Understand your customer’s business needs and bring them solutions that will make them more successful.
  2. Build an organization that provides unmatched customer service and support.
  3. And never stop innovating.

“We are fortunate to have great employees, great manufacturers and great customers, and we thank all of them for helping us reach this milestone,” said Stone.
Please visit METALFORMING at METALCON booth #1315 at this year’s show and help MetalForming toast their 20th anniversary.