Before the XXIII Olympic Winter Games come to a close on Sunday, we would be remiss to highlight the construction a host city must take on to adequately accommodate the Olympic and Paralympic games.  For the past 2 weeks athletes have competed in 13 competition venues, six of which were new.  Additionally, South Korea had to construct a high-speed rail line to connect Pyeongchang to Seoul. Once a region covered with potato fields, 7 years later and over $12 billion dollars spent, a premier winter destination has been born.  Or at least South Korea is hoping so.
With one of the world’s largest steelmakers headquartered in South Korea, POSCO World Premium Products (WPP) played an integral role in constructing the venues and the transformation of the region. POSCO’s products can be found in the International Broadcasting Center, Media Residence,  Kwandong Hockey Centre and Olympic Village and all boast increased durability, stability, surface quality, and sustainability.
For the International Broadcasting Center (IBC), builders used POSCO’s Pos-H steel. Building parts were made by precisely cutting and welding the hot-rolled steel plates and thick plates. Pos-H is custom-made for structures and does not produce any waste unlike existing hot-rolled shape steel with fixed dimensions. In addition, POSCO’s dry fire-resistant cladding technique was applied to all the pillars of the IBC. The dry fire-resistant cladding technique eliminates the process of applying fire-resistant paint to pillars for fire prevention, and instead, fire-resistant materials are wrapped around the pillars.
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The Media Residence that housed reporters during the games resembles a steel showroom due to its impressive design. The material, PosMAC, which is over 5 times more corrosion-resistant than general galvanized steel sheets as it is coated with zinc, magnesium and aluminum, was specially printed to bring to life the fiber texture. PosMAC was used for the exterior of the bathrooms and walls for durability as well as artistic value. The surface steel plates plated with aluminum and zinc, called ALZASTA was treated to achieve a glittering spangle pattern texture and applied to the residence fire doors, valve enclosures and hallways. PossSD, stainless steel with a level of reflectivity equal to that of a mirror, was used inside the bathrooms.
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Finally, the Kwandong Hockey Center’s showcases solar panels on the roof and exterior walls made of 329LD POSCO stainless steel, which is highly corrosion-resistant and robust. POSCO provided the structural analysis by calculating the optimal thickness for the walls and reduced the thickness by 25 percent.
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It’s no easy task for a city to prepare for hosting the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, albeit summer or winter.  Billions of dollars are spent on creating the correct infrastructure and oftentimes, it becomes a financial drain on a city. Time will tell, but leaders of South Korea and Pyeongchang hope they have put the province on the map as a destination of choice for travelers.
Check out the satellite imagery of the region and the impressive venues.

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