screen-shot-2018-03-23-at-12-39-36-pmThis new construction project in the North Woods of Wisconsin features a standing seam metal roof comprised of zinc panels. Photos: RHEINZINK/

Zinc?  Why yes, zinc!  By having the awesome responsibility of blogging for the METALCON community, perusing the metal building and construction trades is a daily activity.  Stories about zinc roofing projects seem to be appearing with regularity so it raised a bit of curiosity.  Zinc has been around since the dark ages … well, maybe not that long, but zinc has a rich global history and is known for its long lifespan. For example, in Paris, 85% of roofs are constructed of rolled zinc, most of which are original roofs from the mid-19th century. With average lifespans of 80-100+ years, a zinc roof will far outlast most other roofing options.
While steel and aluminum are still primary choices in construction, more exotic choices may include copper and stainless steel.  But when was the last time you considered zinc? Its manufacturability and resistance to weathering are only a few of the benefits of this beautiful metal that are driving the increasing popularity of zinc for building cladding.  Zinc is also a very environmentally friendly metal because it is 100 percent recyclable that can be reused over and over again. Zinc also possesses an agent that prohibits the reproduction of mold, mildew and fungus which can greatly reduce the potential of black mold growing on a building.
Over the past several months, has featured several projects where zinc was used including a new cottage located in the North Woods of Wisconsin with a roof made with RHEINZINK (photo featured above), a stunning timber and stone Vermont residence and adjacent barn designed to resemble a 16th century Anglo-Norman manor house, topped with a zinc roof also by RHEINZINK, and One Henry Adams, a new two-building residential development, which used zinc reveal panels from Morin, a Kingspan Group Company.
Another reason for the upward trend for zinc may also be linked to its performance in the financial metals markets.  According to Thomson Reuters, “given zinc’s healthy fundamentals, a backdrop of stronger global economic growth and a weaker U.S. dollar, the market once again expects that zinc will be the “star performer” in base metals for 2018.”
METALCON exhibitors such as RHEINZINK America, Inc, ATAS International, Aluminum Shingle Company, ST Fastening Systems, Atlas Bolt & Screw, and Isiah Industries will be on hand at METALCON 2018 in Charlotte, NC, to showcase their roofing solutions including this versatile and attractive metal.