Dan DiMicco – Keynote Speaker – METALCON 2018
Thursday, October 11, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Speaking on The Economic Plan for Growth and Global Competitiveness in the United States – Implications for Steel


Retired Nucor Corp. CEO Dan DiMicco is known for his role as a top trade adviser to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, but when it comes to the Republican National Convention, the former steel executive said it’s about country, not politics.

DiMicco, 68, was at the Charlotte Chamber on Tuesday afternoon in his role as lead investor in the Charlotte Independence soccer team. After extolling the virtues of an upcoming match against Club Santos Laguna of Mexico, he spent a few minutes discussing the recent, successful local bid to host the GOP in 2020.

During the Republicans’ convention, it is expected that President Trump will be nominated to pursue a second term. City Council and more than 100 speakers argued and debated for several weeks leading up to the July 20 decision by the national Republican Party to put the convention in Charlotte in 2020. Opponents cited Trump’s comments and policies on immigration, gender and race as divisive and inconsistent with the city’s values as reasons to abandon the convention bid.

Supporters, including Mayor Vi Lyles, a Democrat, have pointed to the anticipated economic and public relations benefits from staging a major media-friendly event such as the RNC as ample justification for hosting the convention. Charlotte staged the Democratic National Convention in 2012, generating an estimated $91 million worth of additional spending by 35,000 visiting reporters, delegates and other guests.

DiMicco is very much in that camp.

“I’m glad the City Council decided to exhibit Charlotte’s openness,” he told me Tuesday, referring to council’s 6-5 decision to keep the RNC bid intact, a vote made just days before the party selected its 2020 site. “I hope all of the people in the community will recognize this is good for the community. We have our differences: Republicans, Democrats. There’s differences within the Democratic Party, there’s differences within the Republican Party. There’s a lot of differences out there, but this is part of who we are as Americans. This is part of our election process, a part of our democracy and a part of our being a republic. And so it’s a good thing and I look forward to the opportunity to support it and, hopefully, it’ll be a great event for the Charlotte area and great for the community and the businesses.”

Earlier this summer, DiMicco appeared on CNBC and suggested the United States should leave the World Trade Organization unless it reverses what he called 20 years of ineffective policies.

The former Nucor executive’s remarks echoed those expressed publicly and privately by Trump, who started a trade war by imposing tariffs on a number of products and materials from China, Canada and other countries, triggering retaliatory moves by those countries.

Asked whether he plans on attending the Republican convention in Charlotte, DiMicco laughed.

“God willing, I’ll be around to go,” he said.


Article By   – Senior Staff Writer, Charlotte Business Journal. Posted on bizjournals.com (www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/08/01/former-nucor-chief-charlotte-gop-convention-part.html)

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