METALCON LIVE reporting from Day 1 of METALCON 2018, held October 10-12 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Highlights from the first official day of METALCON 2018 are featured in the video including a peek into the “METALCON Hive” where NFL star, Steve Smith, Sr., delivered his Keynote Address, the non-stop action in the Exhibit Hall, Oktoberfest, Innovation Scanner Hunt and a look at a METALCON first – a panel discussion led by all leading women in the roofing and construction industry.  Exclusive interviews with Smith, a few attendees and exhibitors and Heidi Ellsworth with Roofers Coffee Shop, who led the all female panel session, are featured as well.

Steve Smith, Sr., a 16-year NFL veteran and former five-time pro bowl, three-time all-pro receiver for the Carolina Panthers, presented “Perseverance, Teamwork and Overcoming Obstacles.” Considered one of the NFL’s most productive wide receivers of the 21st century, and the Panthers’ all-time leader in total touchdowns, receptions and receiving yards, session attendees were treated to insights into Smith’s path to stardom and how he faced and overcame obstacles to make it to the NFL. A Q&A followed giving guests a deeper look into Smith’s personal path.
Steve shared, “We all have gifts, we all have treasures, and we all have positions of power … but what are we going to do with them?  How are we going to make an impact?”  When asked by METALCON LIVE to compare “building a sports career by hand” to “using hands in a construction career,” Steve said “it’s not only about using your body, but also keeping your mind strong too.”
Check out METALCON LIVE’s amazing 30-second tour of the show floor including the 275 exhibits, and highlighting the show’s new “Total Experience” where everything was contained on the show floor including exhibits, main theatre and two learning centers.  Live action from the first day of competition in the “Rev ‘Em Up” Metal Roofing Championship Games is also featured.
Stay tuned to our METALCON Blog for METALCON Live’s report from the second day of METALCON 2018!