Open Courts Sports Complex, Turkey

One of the aspects of writing the METALCON blog includes perusing through industry trades and stumbling on some really cool stories of metal projects happening in the world. While these are certainly more abstract that what the everyday builder in metal construction is working on, these are just too cool not to share. ArchDaily just put out this compilation of 15 architectural projects where steel truly is”steals” the show.

The article highlights that, “The use of steel in architecture is considered as one of the most innovative construction developments in history, allowing architects to create structures in scales they never thought they could. Fast-forward a few centuries, and steel remains as one of the most crucial materials in architecture.”

While they are all pretty spectacular and worth taking a few minutes to check out … these are a few that caused me to pause … as you dive into each project, the attention to detail is impressive.

Urban Treehouse in Torino, Italy by Luciano Pia Architects

Its structure is in steel and it looks like a forest where trees are rooted in terraces with irregular shapes, ponds  are crossed by footings and lush gardens cover the roofs. 

Reddot Hotel in Taichung City, Taiwan

Reddot Hotel is transformation of a thirty-five year old hotel formerly the Galaxy Hotel. Who wouldn’t want a stainless tube slide spiraling down from the second to the first floor in a hotel? The spiral slide is made by 102 stainless steel sheet, the metal slide is 27 meters in length.

“The Animal Backbone” in Shanghai, China

A former animal “killing” house that took countless animals’ lives, it has become the most famous cultural and creative industry center in Shanghai and attracts thousands of tourists. I.F.S.E. Space Creative Lab has transformed the building into a metal wonder. The stainless steel backbone has been filled with 0.48 million holes. Paying homage to the animal lives, there are many doorways and windows in the curved wall, which allow people and animals to observe or pass through the two spaces.