Although imposed over a year ago, steel tariffs are still making headlines in today’s news. How have they affected your business this past year? Earlier today, Bloomberg News reported that after one year since the tariffs were imposed that it’s had mixed results. They are reporting that while the steel industry saw some growth in job creation, it was at a cost of approximately $900,000 per job to the taxpayer. And while American steel producers of materials like nuts and bolts saw significant gains in sales as a result of increasing their prices, large American steel companies like NUCOR and U.S. Steel saw their overall shares slump in the past year.

If you were at METALCON 2018 last year in Charlotte, chances are you attended the packed keynote session with Dan DiMicco, former CEO of Nucor Steel, when he gave his presentation on “The Economic Plan for Growth and Global Competitiveness in the United States – Implications for Steel, and explained why the tariffs were necessary and would have a long term positive impact for the nation and the industry.

Given the importance of this subject, METALCON will once again feature this topic in its list of general sessions. Benjamin Blase Caryl, Associate General Counsel of International Trade & Public Policy for U.S. Steel, will present his general session, “USS Tariff Talk, an Update on the Status of Steel Tariffs.” It is no secret that international trade law and policy developments related to the steel industry present both challenges and opportunities to steel manufacturers throughout the supply chain, as well as steel customers, distributors and processors—now more than ever.  Mr. Caryl will provide a briefing on the current status and likely trajectory of the Section 232 national security action on steel imports; U.S. trade agreement negotiations with Canada, Mexico, China, Europe and Japan; Section 301 tariffs on imports from China; and current U.S. anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations on certain fabricated structural steel products from China, Canada and Mexico. This is one session you won’t want to miss!  

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