Increase Credibility with Clients with a Roofing Certification

Photo credit: MBCI

Our friends with MBCI shared in a blog post, “Just because you’ve been installing roofing for 30 years, doesn’t mean installer training and certification isn’t necessary. From a bottom line perspective, it’s important for companies to be proactive in making sure there is always someone on their team who is a certified installer for the products they use—or might use.”

With the knowledge that comes with certification, you’ll be able to assist contractors and consumers alike in choosing the right metal roof for their needs. Being a certified provider, homeowners, design professionals and contractors will be able to clearly differentiate quality levels of steep slope metal roofing by applying industry performance standards.

Participants in this training will have access to a 3-day pass to the METALCON exhibit hall. 

The Metal Roof Installation Training Certification Program will once again be offered at METALCON 2019 in Pittsburgh, October 15 – 18. Offered over two days, not only will you receive hands on training but you’ll also have full access to three days of exhibits and education sessions. This training is like no other in that the training program is coupled with the opportunity to visit the exhibit floor where participants can see examples of what they have just learned, further educate themselves on metal systems and network with industry experts. This also gives manufacturers access to a pool of individuals trained in proper methods of metal roof installation. For those new to metal roofing, this program is a great opportunity to learn about the industry and experience practical, training.

Now in its fourth year, top industry expert, Jim Bush with ATAS International, will lead this two-day, eight-hour certification program based on MCA’s Metal Roof Installation Manual.  Participants will experience quality face-time with industry experts and hands-on training in topics including: substrates, safety, sealants, flashings, panel types and connections, tools, fasteners, maintenance and more. Upon successful completion of the training program, a qualified individual will be presented with MCA’s Metal Roofing Certificate of Completion.  

According to past presenter and trainer, Scott Kriner, president of Green Metal Consulting Inc., Macungie, Pa., he explains to Metal Construction News how both participants and manufacturers benefit. “Many metal roof manufacturers have their own in-house training programs for installers and contractors to become familiar with specific profiled panels, trim, clips and ancillaries,” says Kriner. “With this Metal Roof Installation Training program, these manufacturers will have access to a pool of qualified individuals trained in key topics related to metal roof installation. Therefore, their installers and contractors will be prepared to hit the ground running with a basic knowledge gained through the certification program at METALCON.”

Claire Kilcoyne, METALCON show director, comments, “Our goal of offering this training program is to increase awareness of the benefits of metal roofing, while providing participants the opportunity to network and learn from top industry experts, experience hands-on training and the exhibit floor, where they can touch, see and feel what they’ve just learned.”


Take advantage of reduced pricing through September 30. This is the ONLY METALCON Special Program that includes the “Total Experience.”


$395 for Part I & II until September 30, 2019

$450 for Part I & II after September 30, 2019

Benefits of Metal Roofing Certification Program:

Assurance: MCA’s Metal Roofing Certification helps assure your customers that the correct base metals and exterior paint coatings are selected for their situation.

Product Quality: Certified roofing products help differentiate levels of product quality. Thanks to MCA Metal Roofing Certification, your products will be perceived as the best!

Credibility: MCA’s Metal Roofing Certification helps create a credible basis for product comparison for your customers, whether homeowners, design professionals or contractors. 

Verification: Providing a means of verifying metal roofing performance is a strong benefit of the MCA Metal Roofing Certification.