Photo Credit: Daily Sabah

Magnificent Metal Monday (MMM) travels to Istanbul, Turkey to check out its newest landmark, the 388-meter high Camlica Tower. According to the Daily Sabah Istanbul, the radio-TV tower on Istanbul’s Asian side nears completion. The construction of the tower, which is hoped will end visual pollution of scattered giant and outdated TV antennae, started in March 2016 on Çamlıca hill overlooking the Bosporus. 

Photo Credit: Ateknik Design

A 221-meter high concrete section of the tower is already built and a steel support that will accommodate the antennae is still being installed. The antenna on the top of the tower weighs 1,400 tons. The tower is located some 576 meters above sea level and will have 53 floors in total, including four underground. The new telecommunications tower will replace several outdated structures currently in use and support an estimated 125 broadcasting transmitters. 

The tower’s 39th and 40th floors will house one restaurant each and observation decks will be set up on the 33rd and 34th floors. An architecture company was commissioned by the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication for the design of the tower whose silhouette changes depending on views from different directions around the city. Along with restaurants and observation decks, the tower will feature exhibition spaces, a panoramic elevator and cafes. A 180-degree view with panorama elevators on two sides of the structure will allow visitors to see the iconic historic landmarks on the city’s European side and a vast stretch of the Black Sea coast to the north. Officials expect to draw some 4 million or more visitors annually to the tower, which will be the highest in the city, rivaling a 261 meters high skyscraper on the city’s European side.