METALCON 2019 is a “one-stop shop” for key training, education and one-on-one time with industry experts and exhibitors. It is a critical addition to any “punch list” for a roofing job. Recently featured in Metal Construction News, having a punch list is necessary in any metal roofing job whether it is a roof retrofit or new construction. The information that can be obtained at METALCON this year will give you the tools to complete a job accurately.

According to the article in MCN, the types of punch list items may vary slightly depending on the job. According to Joe LaFave, president of LaFave’s Construction Co. Inc., Landis, N.C., here are some items that may show up on a metal roofing punch list:

  1. Was the right type of sealants specified and used?
  2. Were the correct fasteners installed in accordance to the manufacturer’s warranty department specifications?
  3. Were metal shavings cleaned daily to prevent premature surface rusting to the finished product?
  4. Are proper deck types used and installed properly?
  5. Are roof curbs installed correctly allowing for thermal movement of the roof?
  6. Are flashings installed with all necessary sealants, also allowing for thermal movement?
  7. If it’s a mechanically seamed panel, was the roof seamed correctly?
  8. Are excess caulks and sealants cleaned from the roof?
  9. Were minor scratches addressed, i.e., touched up correctly with the correct paint?

All of the items listed above and more will be covered in one of the nearly 40 education sessions available at METALCON 2019. These sessions are included in your Total Experience registration and located in the theatres on the show floor, making it easy to access them in between visits with exhibitors. Additionally, there are more intensive trainings and workshops available at an additional cost including a two-day, eight-hour certification, Metal Roof Installation Training Program. Check out the FULL CONFERENCE SCHEDULE to review the sessions being offered this year and add METALCON to your punch list.