Virtual reality allows real-time comparison of 3D models to physical spaces; Photo credit: Autodesk.

Unlock the key to the future of construction projects by understanding the latest in Construction Technology (CONTECH). METALCON 2019 will feature a brand new CONTECH innovative and interactive hub on the show floor, showcasing some of the hottest products from a variety of different technology companies. According to an article posted by Autodesk, here are the five major construction technology trends to watch in 2019:

The Internet of Things (IoT)

With a continued rise in the adoption of data-driven technology in construction, there will also be innovations in how this technology is utilized to create new efficiencies. Embedded sensors on a connected worksite create huge opportunities for collecting and managing data on safety, material performance, and operational workflow, just to name a few. Smart devices and wearable construction technology, as well as sensors and on-site cameras can be tied in to construction management software and give a much clearer picture of building progress and real-time status reporting.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning in construction is going to become a linchpin for collating and analyzing multiple streams of data from an integrated digital workflow. Properly trained AI can categorize data faster than a human operator, cutting the time needed to get the clearest picture of issues on a jobsite.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics combines techniques like data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze data and make future predictions. The purpose of predictive analytics is to create a new approach to problem solving through the use of data, predicting patterns in our workflow and highlighting innovative solutions. The predictive systems can anticipate problems as well as opportunities and give project managers insight into critical decisions.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

The tools that bring VR and AR to the worksite are becoming more and more ubiquitous (and also more user-friendly) and as this technology becomes more integrated in the digital workflow, the possibilities that open up seem limitless. Virtual reality in construction allows real-time comparison of 3D models to physical spaces; overlay of location and position data (wireframes) during installation; virtual walkthroughs with project stakeholders.

Autonomous Equipment

Automation and robotics is providing a path to greater safety and efficiency, including the use of drones in construction. Sending a drone to inspect a jobsite saves time and keeps the technician on the ground instead of climbing scaffolds and navigating the potential hazards of a working site. 

Facing the reality that a wave of seasoned professionals will begin to retire and that significant amounts of institutional knowledge will be lost with their departure, technology is a way to capture much of that experience and bridge the gap in knowledge, especially as the next generation of “digital natives” bring a new enthusiasm for technology to the workplace.

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Rendering of CONTECH at METALCON 2019

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