Photo credit: Metal Construction Association

As reported by this week, “The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has created a new group focused on increasing awareness of Metal Composite Material (MCM) for the architectural building envelope. The MCM Alliance supports product performance testing, initiates research, and promotes education and actions to influence public policies for the utilization and growth of MCM in the marketplace.”

“MCM has transformed modern architecture,” says MCM Alliance Director Jeff Irwin. “Building owners and architects wanting to make a design statement can look to the current generation of MCM for a wide range of interior and exterior options. This is the ultimate goal of the MCM Alliance.”

What is Metal Composite Material?

According to the Metal Construction Association, “Aluminum composite materials (ACM) has evolved to metal composite material (MCM), reflecting the inclusion of natural metal skins such as zinc, copper, stainless steel and titanium. Because it can be painted nearly any color, aluminum is still the predominant MCM skin material.” There are many benefits of using MCM including consistency in flatness and finish, cost-competitive, lower installation and maintenance costs, and better protection of the building envelope. For more details, go to MCA’s website section dedicated to MCM. is a partner publication of METALCON 2019 and the sponsor of the cash prizes for the Innovation Station Scanner Hunt.