Photo courtesy of McElroy Metal; Metal Construction News

Featured in the November 22 issue of Metal Construction News, “MRA (Metal Roofing Alliance) Predicts Metal Roofing Trends for 2020.” According to the MRA, “metal roofing is an idea whose time has finally come.” They focused on the top five style and performance trends in the U.S. and Canada:

Show of Strength – Toughening up the home’s exterior to be better prepared for extreme climate changes. “Delicate detailing is out, while the use of heartier exterior features that offer an almost fortress-like feel and are meant to show off a home’s rugged resiliency are more popular than ever.” Metal roofs designed to mimic slate are especially on trend, helping homes achieve a substantial, natural look while delivering serious, low-maintenance and reliable performance.

Mix and Match – “Homeowners are looking to their roofs as a canvas for creativity.” The use of mixed metal color, styles and even mixed mediums is trending this year and includes metal roofing accents.

Save by Zero: “Net Zero homes are those deemed so energy efficient, they produce as much renewable energy as they consume.” Quality metal roofs are ideal for homeowners who want to go Net Zero, because they offer a longer-lasting and more secure base for solar systems, are exceptionally energy efficient and they reduce waste/are recyclable at the end of their long life. 

Hi-Fi Contrast: According to the latest MRA homeowner survey, metal is the second most popular roofing choice, highly prized for its style and design. Boosting curb appeal and accentuating unique styles are trending for 2020 and metal roofs can help homeowners achieve that.

Sky’s the Limit: Natural light is a major selling point for today’s homes. Contrary to some myths, metal roofs can easily accommodate skylights, just as well as or even better than other types of roofs given that metal is a strong, durable material that inherently protects against leaks when properly installed. 

Renee Ramey, executive director at MRA, says, “Metal roofing is now very much in fashion not only for the timeless design and style it offers, but for its lasting value when it comes to home protection, reducing environmental impacts and reliable performance.”