The pandemic crisis forced thousands around the world to leave their offices and work from home. Needless to say, this has not been an easy adjustment given the distractions found at home — kids, pets, rowdy roommates, limited space and more. There is a SOLUTION – a prefabricated backyard office or “studio shed!” These are amazing! Keep reading to learn more.

Dwell reports, “From Canada to Texas, prefab companies are working hard to meet increased demand for compact and stylish home offices that can be prefabricated, shipped, and assembled with speed.” They go on to highlight six companies offering prefab solutions that range from luxury fully furnished units to more affordable DIY kit options, utilizing a range of building materials.

  • Drop Structures has expanded their small space offerings with the Micro, an affordable 60-square-foot answer to an uptick of inquiries for home offices due to COVID-19.
  • California-based Buhaus has created a luxe ADU designed to emphasize indoor/outdoor living; the 160-square-foot structure is housed within a repurposed shipping container that opens up to the outdoors via large folding panels.
Photo Credit: Dwell; Repurposed shipping container from Buhaus
  • The Plús Hús (also California based) is constructed with Minarc’s energy-efficient and VOC-free mnmMOD panelized system and incorporates Cradle to Cradle–certified extruded polystyrene and .30% recycled steel.
Photo Credit: Dwell; Plús Hús incorporates Cradle to Cradle–certified extruded polystyrene and 30% recycled steel.
  • Texas-based Kanga Room Systems is a prefab kit home purveyor that offers a wide range of cabins, sheds, and studios that are engineered for straightforward self-assembly; all elements in Kwik Room kits are precut and panelized, except for the siding.
  • Constructed with sustainably sourced lumber and large, double-pane windows, Studio Shed’s all-season Signature Series units are popularly used as backyard offices.
  • kitHAUS prefabs come with SIP panels, dual-layer low-e glazing, and other energy-saving features for a minimal ecological footprint and constructed with the firm’s patented aluminum framing system.

In May, Curbed also featured these trendy products in their article, “5 Cool Prefab Backyard Sheds You Can Buy Right Now.” They reported, “adding a backyard structure made from components produced off-site can be an easy and practical way to make the most of your property.” Their uses stretch beyond “backyard office” to yoga studio, writing retreat, guest house, music room and more.

In addition to the companies mentioned above, they also feature:

Photo Credit: Curbed; Modern-Shed

From steel transom windows, stairs to door, brushed aluminum trim and hardware, interior cedar beam to bamboo flooring, additional windows, pre-insulated walls, wood paneling to a standing seam metal roof, the options are endless as to how you can customize your backyard shed.

You might find some of the products used in these prefab sheds are sold by companies exhibiting at METALCON 2020. Check out our exhibitor list for our upcoming show scheduled for October 21-23 in Las Vegas. REGISTRATION is open and you can subscribe to our METALCONnection newsletter to stay up-to-date.

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