The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has published three white papers, two new and one updated, each covering important design and safety aspects of metal construction in metal roofing, metal walls, and metal fasteners.

Best Practices: Metal Building Sealant Types and Application Guidelines 

This NEW paper is an overview of the sealant types commonly used in metal building including general guidelines application. The intent is to highlight standardized testing used to compare the performance of various sealant products so the end user can make an informed decision on the correct product for a specific application. Sealants are presented in a “quick reference” format highlighting benefits, features and limitations. Useful tool for roofing professionals, procurement departments, consultants and building owners. (Published June 2020)

Is My Exterior Wall Material Truly Noncombustible?

This NEW paper clarifies safety standards in the International Building Code (IBC) regarding metal walls and ASTM E136, the test for material combustibility. The paper discusses topics such as what products or materials will burn, what criteria causes a product or its assembly to be deemed “non-combustible,” and cladding flame spread performance. (Published June 2020)

Fastener Compatibility with Profiled Metal Roof and Wall Panels

Profiled metal roof or wall panels rely upon mechanical fasteners to secure the components to a structure. This updated paper discusses the differences between primary and secondary fasteners and the importance of fasteners in securing the components to a structure. Also included is a Recommended Fastener Guide which clarifies the selection of fasteners used with metal roofing and wall panels. Fastener durability, compatibility, and load resistance is also explored. (Published June 2020)

For MCA’s entire library of White Papers, check out their Technical Resources section on their website. MCA conducts many technical studies and research projects in partnership with member and industry partners. These studies include bulletins, white papers, manuals and reports that ensure that metal is at the forefront of innovation, and proactive with codes and standards.