Metal composite material (MCM) has transformed modern architecture. But what makes some metal manufacturers better than others? What do you look for in your metal supplier to make sure only quality products are provided on your next project? Join us TOMORROW to learn from industry expert and MCA member, John Trifonoff, Vice President of East Coast Metal Systems, a full-service fabricator and installer of engineered architectural metal and exterior envelope systems.

The Metal Construction Association Presents:

Bring Your MCM to Life with a Quality MCM Fabricator

When: Wednesday, November 18 at 1:00 PM EST

Where: Live and On-Demand with Registration   

Cost: FREE

In this webinar, John will reveal the truth behind quality MCM fabricators. He will explain what testing to watch for, the certificates to be aware of, and various utilizations of quality sheet manufacturers. He will outline which company should oversee the various aspects of the process and the responsibilities of each party involved. Get a better understanding of MCM and those who supply it and bring the MCM to life for your next project. You will learn:

  • What MCM is and the utilization of the material
  • The distinction and responsibilities of each party and how crucial this is for the successful completion of a project
  • What to look for when selecting a quality team for your project
  • Why bringing MCM to life requires a quality fabricator and a quality team

This webinar is ideal for architects/designers, spec writers, general contractors, sub-contractors and their workforce.

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