Announced at the recent MCA Winter Meeting held virtually February 1-4, METALCON congratulates the 2020 MCA Chairman Award Winners. Awards are presented in eight categories: overall excellence; residential; roofing; education (colleges and universities); education (primary and secondary); institutional; municipal; and commercial. The winners include the following MCA Manufacturers: CENTRIA, Kingspan, East Coast Metal Systems, Metal Sales Manufacturing, Sherwin-Williams, McElroy Metals, Green Knight Metal Roofing, Precoat Metals, US Steel, BAMCO. Continue reading for the list of winners.

OVERALL EXCELLENCE: CENTRIA for Chase Center Arena in San Francisco, California

COMMERCIAL: KINGSPAN for the DynaEnergetics Headquarters in Blum, Texas

EDUCATION (College & Universities) – CENTRIA for the Richard J. Daley College Manufacturing Technology & Engineering Center in Chicago, Illinois

EDUCATION (Secondary & Primary) – East Coast Metal Systems for Northridge Local Schools in Dayton, Ohio

INSTITUTIONALKingspan, Metal Sales Manufacturing, and Sherwin-Williams for the Drivers Club in Redmond, Washington

MUNICIPALCENTRIA & Kingspan for the Williston Basin International Airport in Williston, North Dakota

ROOFINGSherwin-Williams, McElroy Metals, Green Kight Metal Roofing, Precoat Metals and US Steel for a Private Residence in Austin, Texas

RESIDENTIALBAMCO for 108 Chambers in New York, New York

Projects considered for these awards were submitted to Metal Architecture magazine’s annual Design Awards Program and the MCA Chairman’s Award program. The recipients were chosen by a panel of professional architects: Christina Bazelmans of Lamoureux Pagano Associates, Steven G. Blye of Legat Associates, and Yen Ong of 5G Studio Collaborative. MCA thanks them for contributing their expertise to help put a spotlight on the outstanding use of metal in construction. Click HERE for the full story.

Join some of these manufacturers at the upcoming METALCON event happening October 6-8, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. METALCON, sponsored by MCA, is the only global event devoted exclusively to the use of metal in design and construction. CLICK HERE TO BECOME AN EXHIBITOR AND CLICK HERE TO ATTEND.