The purpose of a job safety analysis (JSA) is to identify the dangers of specific tasks within jobs in order to reduce the risk of injury to workers. The key benefits of JSA’s include meeting safety standards, improving communication, aiding in training, and preventing hazardous conditions. Learn the importance of having a JSA from expert industry trainer TODAY at 4:00 pm EST. CLICK HERE for details on how to register! One hour of your time may help to save several lives later.

According to ConstructConnect, “The construction industry again had the highest number of fatalities of all industries in 2019 with 1,061 worker deaths. This is a 5.3% increase over the 1,008 fatal injuries in 2018. It’s the highest total since 2007 when the industry recorded 1,204 fatal work injuries. The construction industry represented 21.6% of all private industry worker deaths in 2019.” – there is still room for improvement when it comes to safety in the workplace. This is where job safety analyses come in.

Learn from industry expert, Craig Shaffer, president of SafetyWorks, Inc. Craig is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with over 30 years of occupational safety and health experience in the construction and manufacturing industries and an authorized instructor for construction OSHA-10 & OSHA-30 courses. REGISTER NOW to join the webinar today at 4:00 PM when Craig reviews what is a JSA and when you might be asked for one, the purpose & usefulness of a JSA, the steps to completing a JSA and other terms you may hear.

In addition to keeping your workers safe, complying with national safety regulations protects your company from legal and financial penalties. Completing a JSA is an opportunity to ensure that your company is meeting the standards laid out by OSHA, avoiding violations down the road. Since the process of completing a JSA generally requires input from multiple levels of your team, this encourages employees and managers to discuss safety issues without fear of any repercussion opening up lines of communication.